EXIT 47 off the interstate dumps you in the middle of nowhere which would be insignificant except it marks the crossing of the nation's Continental Divide. At elevation 7295' this is where water flows either east or west toward one of the great oceans (if it doesn't evaporate first) and since I'm headed for the Pacific you might say it's all downhill from here. Actually there's not much going on here except for a chance to stop and shop for Indian curios, or to mail a letter at the local post office.

Continental Divide Post Office

Continental Divide Post Office

As I pass through this land of sagebrush and jackrabbits, I'm tempted to post a letter to see whether it travels east or west to the next sorting facility. As for me, I'll continue to follow the setting sun... now less than a thousand miles from home.

Miles 5233, Week 58, Weather 65F 🌤


AuthorRich Monroe