Ditched in a ditch! 

Ditched in a ditch! 

A SHORT WAY from a small Norwegian community in central Illinois, I came upon the remains of a twin engine plane with its nose buried in the ground. A startling sight and apparently a memorial to the victims of a terrible aircraft crash so I stopped to read the sign by the memorial...


To my surprise the "crash victims" are those small family farmers who lost their livelihood during the hard economic times in the 1980’s. I'm old enough to remember the Farm Aid Concerts back then when Willie Nelson, Bob Dylan, and others rallied in support of small family farmers who faced foreclosure during a tough economy and natural disasters.

It's a tough life to work the land to feed the country and we should never take their efforts for granted!


Week 26,  Miles 2140,  Weather 79F☁️

AuthorRich Monroe