MY APPLE WATCH vigil is finally over -- much to my delight!  Ever since its announcement last September I've wondered how it would feel to wear and possibly affect my internet experience.  While heavy media attention has undoubtedly exaggerated its impact and capabilities, I can confirm that the watch is a real joy to wear. The new watch appears to be a winner -- it looks good, feels light and comfortable, and is very convenient to use.

And so the high tech evolution continues.  Just as personal computers liberated us from huge IBM mainframes and laptops provided more portability to the masses, the smart watch makes this powerful information even more convenient -- from our pocket to our wrist.  By becoming more personal and ubiquitous, I believe that wearable computers will profoundly change our life.  So what's next?  Only time will tell.

We'll just have to watch and see! 

AuthorRich Monroe