NIKOLA TESLA WAS A CREATIVE SPIRIT and inventor to whom we owe much.  While dining in Eureka we saw his Tesla Coil, that demonstrates high-voltage AC current that powers the world's electrical grid. Tesla correctly showed that an alternating-current distribution system was a cheap practical way to provide power to the masses.


Unfortunately, Tesla's geeky "mad scientist" personality made him unpopular and vulnerable to criticism, while Thomas Edison promoted and received more credit for electrical contributions (during the 1880’s) which Edison actually didn't deserve. However, I'm happy to note we have our own Tesla memorial, a seven-foot bronze statue, in Palo Alto that hosts a free wifi hot spot and serves to inspire us to "focus on humanitity's greatest challenges."


Tesla dabbled in many disciplines -- way ahead of his time -- and held over 700 patents in many different areas.  Consider the following:

Who invented the AC electrical system?  TESLA

Who developed radio communications?  TESLA

Who developed the concept of radar?  TESLA

Who first worked on x-ray technology? TESLA

Who built the first hydroelectric plant at Niagra Falls? TESLA

Who held patents 100 years that led to the development of transistors? TESLA

What about radio waves from space, the remote control, neon lights, the electric motor, and wireless communications?  All concepts of NIKOLA TESLA.

He was amazing and could visualize revolutionary concepts, and we owe him a tremendous debt of gratitude.  It's no wonder CEO Elon Musk named his futuristic electric cars after this inspiring inventor!

AuthorRich Monroe