THE CHRISTMAS SEASON reminds us of Mary and Joseph, the baby Jesus, and three Magi who traveled a great distance to pay their respects.  For many it's a significant tale worthy to be retold every year.  And then we count down the seconds, turn the calendar, and greet each other with "Happy Holidays" and "Happy New Year! "

Over time we want to understand and appreciate the Christmas story.  In the meantime we counter the seasonal darkness with candles and fireworks and light.  We strive for new beginnings and yearn for a bright future -- full of joy and peace and good will.

Holy Night 7.jpg

Again we're poised to enter another year.  A new year and the gateway to our future.  Will it be bright?  I certainly hope so.  For if that "Holy Night" was authentic, if love truly became incarnate, then certainly this life is good and many holy days lie ahead.  Only time will tell...  In the meantime, HAPPY NEW YEAR!

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AuthorRich Monroe