6 AM Sunrise

CALIFORNIA'S DROUGHT is front-page news and mandatory water restrictions are a real possibility.  This means conservation of water use with shorter showers, limited irrigation, washing, cooking, rinsing, and so on.  We learned that 2013 was the driest year in California since it became a state, and this year has been no better.  So now we pay attention to the forecasts - both short and long term - looking for signs of change.

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"Red sky in the morning" marks a dramatic sunrise that occurs when the sun's ray's flash briefly beneath the morning cloud cover to the east. The phenomenon is noted in a widely known proverb for weather watchers:

Red sky at night, shepherd's delight.
Red sky at morning, shepherd take warning

This rule of thumb helps plan our day without the benefit of sophisticated weather instruments.  As the earth rotates eastward, stormy weather approaches from the west and a reddish sunrise (not sunset) foreshadows the approaching systems.

West Coast weather approaches from the Pacific Ocean and low pressure systems normally bring moisture with them.  However, these days a high pressure ridge has parked itself off the coast and blocked the systems from us.  And so we patiently wait for the high pressure to weaken and allow the lows to deliver the moisture.

This morning we saw evidence of change -- the first morning red sky in a long while!  Let's hope the ancient proverb holds true and foreshadows a wetter month ahead.

AuthorRich Monroe