Lotus Car.jpg

ONLY IN PALO ALTO will you come across an expensive Lotus sports coupe casually parked at the curb on a downtown business street. This quality vehicle fits right in to our Silicon Valley landscape, and I must say it's a beautiful machine -- especially at $95,000.  When I came upon the car, I was startled at its elegange and clean lines, and naturally I was full of curiosity.  I had to stop, admire, and snap a photo before moving on my way. 

Courtesy www.lotuscars.com

This car is the classic symbol of performance, excellence, and passion to detail that inspired Formula One racing cars that compete on the European circuits.  

OK.  OK.  I certainly can't afford such a lovely vehicle, but can't I dream?  And I surely can't help but wonder where did the owner go and how could he be so bold as to leave this gem unprotected on the city street?  

As I said "only in Palo Alto..."

AuthorRich Monroe