WALKING about the neighborhood is always interesting.  This morning I came across a tree covered by sheets to protect it from the frost. You must admit it resembles a bearded Santa Claus with his red elf hat. Uncanny! I've always wondered what Santa did during his spare time.

Frost injury threatens on cold nights when the air is clear and dry. Ice crystals form in the plant cells causing damage and disrupting the fluid flow as the leaves and twigs will wither and die. Lemon and lime trees are the most sensitive to damage, followed by oranges and grapefruit. Some protection is possible by covering the plant (like this Santa wrap), stringing warm lights, spraying with fog chemicals (expensive), or using fans (impractical) that mix the air.  Another inexpensive method we use is to soak the plant before the freeze, which hydrates the cells to minimize damage. Take your pick, and hope Jack Frost spares your garden!

AuthorRich Monroe