BRIAN AND I recently upgraded our home wiring system and network switches capable of gigabit speeds.  That's ten time faster than before and will eliminate bottlenecks in the local network between our computers, phones, servers, modems, hard drives, etc. Data transfer speeds of 1,000,000,000 bits per second is much faster than my meager brain can handle.   

But the new computers and wifi devices need speedy connectivity to operate efficiently.  Imagine being able to chat online in the kitchen, share photos with friends from the family room, stream edited videos from the office computer through the front room TV, and listen to stereo music throughout the house -- ALL AT THE SAME TIME! That's our goal with this improved system.

Central closet

The network controlling devices have been relocated to our central closet for better efficiency, security, and management. Voice, data and cable wire moduals are all connected centrally where they can be easily handled during future modifications.

Comcast connection

The complete rewiring was no easy chore -- eliminating old cables, splitters, junctions and antennas, while crawling through the attic and basement where access is tight and dark.  I literally spent hours pulling wire, crawling around beams, stringers, joists, pipes, drains, and foundation members to run the cables to the central closet.

I also took the opportunity to inspect the entire house for structural defects, wood rot, bugs and spiders, rodents and termites -- and fortunately found NONE.  Whew!  That's aother task eliminated from my chore list!

Apple TV, Netflix on laptop, & Internet on tablet

Will you look at that?  We can enjoy all types of live and recorded entertainment on each electronic device and in every room... and NO cable television!  Hopefully, we can escape commercialized TV with all those dispensable channels and eventually we will "cut the cord."

AuthorRich Monroe