STREET PAINTING was once popular in Europe during the 16th century and continues today as part of Palo Alto's annual art festival.  It's an honored tradition, very popular and fun for all!  Street art developed over time as "performance art" where talented artists supplement their income by sketching eye-catching designs on streets using a temporary medium such as colored chalk.  The temporary lifespan of this amazing art contrubutes to their charm, so we enjoy them briefly -- but regretfully not for long.

More than sixty artists decorated the streets for this year's festival held in our downtown business district.  Sketching began on a Saturday morning and lasted just a day only to be washed away by Monday morning.  Locals came by all weekend to watch the intriguing live-art demonstration.  The chalk-paintings ranged from 4 to 12 feet with differing subjects such as classical masterpieces, 3-dimensional art, and even abstract designs.

Sponsorships for the art festival will benefit local youth programs throughout the Bay Area.  As a bonus, a kid's chalk-a-lot area gave them a chance to participate by creating their own artwork.  Who knows?  Maybe a future artist might be born here...

AuthorRich Monroe