Gray Fox

I"M ENJOYING a new Nikon camera and carrying it with me to sharpen my photo skills on the trails.  It's both a challenge (new bells and whistles) and rewarding (sharper lens) and a great excuse to get outdoors and explore.

During a recent outing I was suprised by a rare sight a hundred yards ahead of me -- a gray fox  crossing the golf course.  Fortunately I was packing a new telephoto lens and had time to get him in focus before he saw me.

I could easily see its pepper-gray fur and red-brown sides and neck.  His long bushy tail with black stripe and tip was magnificent.  He didn't hang around long so I had to be "quick as a fox" to catch the elusive animal.  When he finally became aware of my presence he dashed across the green and disappeared into a tree for refuge.  

But for that brief moment I was lucky to track and record his movements with my long lens. A nice reward for my first attempt with my new equipment.  Sweet success!

AuthorRich Monroe