DON'T BELIEVE that old story that cactus love dry weather.  Sure, they will tolerate drier climates and conserve moisture within that fleshy skin, but I've discovered they prefer a normal watering schedule just like other plants.  And they'll respond to constant care by producing an abundance of flowers when the time is right.  

Cactus Bouquet

A flowering cactus plant is both dramatic and engaging.  The beauty of those huge colorful blossoms is so notable in contrast to their tough skin and thorny leaves.  It's uncanny how those normally unsightly plants can produce such beautifully attractive blossoms. What a suprise!

Of course, it's all about survival.  The richly colorful flowers will attract the birds and bees that pollinate and prolong the species for another season.  Nature works in wonderfully mysterious ways...

Bee Visitor

AuthorRich Monroe