Fielding Drive Sunflowers

I OFTEN VARY my neighborhood walks so I can enjoy the many colorful flowers in bloom this time of year.  Every garden I pass has cultivated a unique array of plants and flowers, and this is the time when they are all on display, competing for attention, and to me they're all winners!  Armed with my trusty iPhone, I'll wander the streets and often pause to enjoy, and snap a photo to capture the color and beauty.  I think you'll agree they make a walk even more enjoyable.

Backyard Rose of Sharon

The Rose of Sharon, or Hybiscus, is a tall shrub that can reach the height of a small tree if you don't prune them religiously.  They love the heat, bloom profusely, are drought tolerant, and are perfectly content in our climate. Their showy stamen attract the birds and bees, so they will bloom continuously through the summer and far into the fall. 

Rosewood Drive Zinnias

The Zinnias make a wonderful carpet of color that attract hummingbirds and butterflies as well as other insects.  The wide variety of colors and shapes attract me too!

Lewis Drive Tulips

And finally, the briefly appearing but very colorful tulips come in dozens of varieties and are harder to spot -- because they don't hang around for long. They bloom from bulbs in the spring after a late frost, and the blossoms show for only a few weeks.  So I take their photos whenever I can.  Who knows?  Tomorrow I might only find green leaves remaining here. 

AuthorRich Monroe