Night Heron

THE NIGHT HERON is an attractive bird with black-and-gray markings, red eyes, orange feet, and a thin white plume on its head.  Unlike their cousins, the slender white egrets, the night heron is built stocky with short necks and legs.  During nesting season they vigilantly stand facing opposite directions to guard their buddy’s back-side.

They're nocternal hunters and roost in trees and brush during the day where they exhibit this distinctive watchful behavior. Night herons are social, sharing trees as communities while hunting with other birds.  But since they feed at night they avoid competition with other day herons that fish the same territory. 

Treetop roosting

Every once in a while, they "get with the program" and settle down while facing the same direction.  But to me they still look like the gang in the bleacher seats, all hunched over in a crouched position while watching the world go by...


AuthorRich Monroe