Central Valley Windmill

WHILE TRAVELING in the northern Central Valley, we passed some modern windmills that reminded me of the old wooden structures we used to see in my youth. Farmers have always found a way to harness wind power, either for its mechanical advantage to lift water from underground to irrigate their lands, or, more recently, to generate electrical energy for their needs and sell to PG&E to supplement their income.  Either way, it's smart to generate renewable electricity for local use and to keep in reserve for later consumption after the sun goes down.

Windmill pump

 Windmills squeeze more production from the land while helping the climate, the economy, and the farmer's agricultural yield while keeping a low impact on the environment.

 Harnessing the wind.  It's an old and very clever idea. We even incorporate the windmill in our quilting designs!

Windmill quilt

AuthorRich Monroe