Drop by our home any time and you're certain to find two things:  (1) a quilting project in progress and (2) Ella, our resident feline, supervising the project.  Unless we chase her away, Ella will check each piece of unattended fabric for comfort and compatability with her personal taste.  I suppose it's like testing the comfort of a new bed at the furniture store! 

Cat collage

It was inevitable that this habit would became a part of a quilt design, woven into the blanket pattern along with other cats that have been part of our family life. Each kitten's been incorporated into the patchwork that Frances pieced together for a  project.  It was interesting to match images with their unique mannerisms -- such as scratching, stretching, sleeping, exploring, hiding, hunting, and climbing into the most unusual places.

Droopy cat

AuthorRich Monroe