IN RESPONSE to the warm spring days, our backyard is flourishing and attracting many visitors  -- like birds, bees, squirrels, mice and raccoons. The menagerie keeps our cat occupied, stalking around the plants and shrubs as she defends her territory from the invasion.  Every critter is "on alert" as they intermingle among the flowers and plants.

Spotted Towhee

Of course, I'm likewise attracted by the various animals as they inspect flowers, seeds and nectar in our maturing garden.  We tend our crop toward an eventual harvest but these critters forage for their share NOW before the crops are fully ready to pick for the dinner table.

Gray squirrel

Many gray squirrels scamper overhead on power lines and along fence tops, looking for berries, fruit, nuts, and insects.  When they find something interesting they'll dart to the ground to investigate and return to their lofty perch with their booty.  They are quick, alert, and always aware of potential predators -- including our backyard cat. 

Butterfly bush & friend

The "butterfly bush" is aptly named.  As soon as the blossoms flourish we will see an increase in visiting butterflies. The blossom's fragrance, color and massive structure gives the butterfly a perfect landing spot with lots of sweet nectar to enjoy.

On Duty

Meanwhile Ella remains on duty, always alert and somewhat annoyed that she has to constantly defend her jurisdiction.  "Don't these creatures know this is my territory?"

AuthorRich Monroe