SF Sunset

WE MEASURE TIME in minutes, hours, days, and mark each chapter with bookmarks beginning with dawn and dusk, sunrise and sunset.  Our Bay Area sunsets are remarkable and as beautiful as any I've ever seen in my travels.  Whether viewed from the backyard, the bayside, or from the top of a mountain, the sunset display is dynamic, glorious, and uplifting.  When viewed from the bay waters the setting sun appears to get swallowed up and replaced by the city skyline.  Sometimes a misty atmosphere adds an eerie character that's indescribable, so the camera does a better job in capturing the moment.  When the image is this dramatic it becomes a lingering memory.

At the other end of night -- during the early dawn -- the moon will follow the same path as it plunges from the sky becoming a red fireball before disappearing below the horizon.  The transformation takes only a few minutes and is less dramatic.  Although the light of the full moon is much, much fainter than the sun, it's still a delight if you are up early to catch the moon setting in the western sky.

AuthorRich Monroe