Alcove art

Our neighbors enjoy art and don’t hesitate to share it -- sometimes by painting their homes in creative color schemes and occassionally converting a wall into an art museum.  It's not unusual to stroll by a home that's modified to display their talents.  For instance, this stucco wall celebrates the arts with traditional carpentry tools and a classic biblical theme.  Neat!

Grand Canal


Another garage door on Middlefield Road exhibits a painting of the Venetian Grand Canal, most likely inspired by the couple's recent vacation.  I especially liked the detail of the couple in a gondola, as it surely  represents a highlight of their vacation.  What a perfect "postcard" to share with us who pass by.

Another delightful canvas adorns a Channing Street garage door that always puts a smile on my face.  It’s a  peaceful scene featuring flowers and fountain, dog and chicken, and beautifully framed by a climbing wisteria limb with ornamental blossoms. Life should be so delightful!

Garage canvas


And not to be outdone, our schools will  occasionally commission a local artist to paint inspirational themes on the campus walls, designed to support the community and inspire young minds.  You might say they're encouraging youngsters to step up to the challenge, to be creative, and to stretch themselves.  

After all, the sky's the limit!

AuthorRich Monroe