Morning heat

Before sipping in my first cup of morning coffee, I have two chores -- fire up the kitchen heater and feed the cat.  The persistant cool evening air influences the wee morning hour and it's still uncomfortable in my bare feet.  However, Ella is content to roam about, indoors and out, in her fluffy coat and doesn't see the problem.  She always greets me in the kitchen with persistent meows and an inquiring stare “Why are you taking so long preparing breakfast?”

Afternoon temp

Once the sun is in the sky, it's another matter.  The heat is REALLY ON!  Each spring day brings a new high temperature as the patio thermometer attests.  The garden sprinklers are now active, and during the day our furry cat will retreat to the deep shadows -- coping with the heat by keeping a low profile and taking a nap.

AuthorRich Monroe