Honaunau lies on the southwest coast of Hawaii in the heart of the Kona coffee belt, where small inland communities are perched high on the slopes of Mauna Loa where the climate is perfect for growing coffee, mulberry, and macadamia nut plants.  Honaunau Bay is noted for its sanctuary built on the black lava coastal flats called the Place of Refuge.  

Place of Refuge lagoon

Originally, this beautiful place was the royal palace for the tribal chief and attendants with abundant palm groves and fishponds to support a lavish lifestyle -- an early lava stone version of the Hilton Hotel so to speak.  Later, it became a temple to honor the dead and a sanctuary for those seeking justice.  Within these walled confines strict tribal social rules were followed, and violence was not tolerated against anyone.  An idyllic paradise was enforced by the king.

Sandy beach cove

The grounds were complete with living quarters, temples, thatched huts, a great wall, sacred stones, carvings, fishing canoes, and fresh water spring ponds.   A Garden of Eden in the perfect tropical setting.  (Click to enlarge photos)

AuthorRich Monroe