Adobe Creek

Last fall our public works crews cleared Adobe Creek of the mud and vegetation that accumulates during the year.  They built a temporary dam so equipment could enter and scoop up the debris.  Urban creeks lose their natural beauty because they are modified to pass storm water efficiently through our neighborhoods.  But if the channel was not cleared the water flow would slow, mud would continue to build, and flooding might occur during the winter rains.  And, of course, we don't want winter storms to overtop those walls and flood our neighborhoods.

Maintenance Dam

Further downstream past the neighborhoods, the waterway is allowed to return to its unmodified state and the creek once again assumes a natrual state where fish and waterfowl can enjoy the benefits of the natural aquatic environment.

Meanwhile, our homes remain high and dry, thanks to the city's annual maintenance effort.  It's a pleasant compromise that benefits everyone.

Downstream channel

AuthorRich Monroe