Sacramento River

Game fishing is perfect along the Sacramento River, and it looks like there'll be fresh trout for dinner tonight for this fly fisherman wading in deep waters.  What a lovely scene for a calendar. 

Along the flowing Sacramento, several charming river towns are fun to visit and a welcome break from the hectic Interstate. The quiet little town of Cottonwood  is located here and offers a charming "old west" appeal.  Stores cater to the locals and paved streets are the only improvement above the dirt streets of yesterday.  It felt we had entered a time warp that harkens back a hundred years.  

Downtown Cottonwood

The weathered old buildings offered only essential services -- groceries, cafes, medicine, clothing, tax services -- and exclude curios and supermarkets.  A small fabric shop up a flight of stairs, appropriately called Quilts in the Attic, attracted our attention.  Since we enjoy seeking out unusual quilt material, we ventured upstairs to purchase a couple of yards as a souvenir of our visit.

Quilts in the Actic
AuthorRich Monroe