SF Skyline by Rose Matthews

"The best camera is the one you have with you."  At this year's MacWorld Convention in San Francisco we saw works of art created entirely by digital means from their conception to presentation.  Having a camera in your pocket along with rapid internet sharing has impacted our photographic habits.  More and more I leave my bulky 35mm SLR behind in favor of the pocket phone I always have with me.

Hand painted Rocks by Chris Sullivan

iPhoneography is different from traditional photography in three ways -- shooting, processing and sharing.  We share more images from our daily lives through common street photos, instant images, and even story telling sequences.  Photoshop, Instagram, Facebook, Blogging, are all part of the "mobile movement" that's influencing our lives.

Naturally, I was inspired to try my hand at something creative and different, so I took out my iPhone and snapped a photo of the Moscone Center overhead lights.  It's a very interesting array of glowing dots... and, yes, I have a lot to learn from the experts!

Moscone ceiling by Rich Monroe
AuthorRich Monroe