Stanford's Memorial Church

Stanford’s Memorial Church was constructed as a memorial to Leland Stanford. Since the university was dedicated to Stanford's son, Leland Stanford, Jr., it is appropriate the beautiful campus church memorializes the father -- a successful businessman, politician, and governor.  Located on the university's quad at the center of campus, the church is non-denominational and welcomes all faiths.

Entrance Mosaic

Since the church faces north it's rare to catch direct sunlight on the mosaics unless you visit early in the morning.  The mosaic scene features Jesus welcoming the faithful followers and took 2 years to assemble.  Its scale is impressive, measuring over 84 feet, which fully engulfs you vision as you walk across the large quad toward the church entrance.  In contrast to the normally tan Romanesque architecture of the rest of the campus, this colorful display is striking!

Church & Quad entrance

AuthorRich Monroe