We're fortunate to have early blooming flowers during the winter that give color and interest to an otherwise dull landscape. These Paperwhite Narcissus have emerged from the cool soil to celebrate and cheer up our winter garden. They're a form of daffodil that emerges from buried bulbs to enjoy the chilly air.

Violet flower

Also, it's common to see these violet flowers (name uncertain) standing tall to enjoy the sunlight, showing off its purple petals with a bright yellow pistil stem inside. Oddly, this species is "hermaphroditic" meaning it is self-generating with both male and female parts.


And not to be outdone these miniature violet Phalaenopsis have erupted with color after lying dormant for months.  Our Cymbidiums in patio pots have thrown flower spikes soon to produce blossoms that will last well into the springtime.  We feed and water them in anticipation of a colorful finale to the winter season.  These flowers are colorful reminders  that a dormant garden is really gathering energy for a productive season ahead.

AuthorRich Monroe