Yerba Buena Island

California winters are different from the Eastern seaboard.  Here we "cope" with cooler days of 50°F, an occasional rain shower, and calm winds.  Forget about those hazardous blizzards in the East that close roads, bring down power lines, and make national news.  It's a tough life out west!   Our perfect activity isn't snowboarding, but a sunny sail making the most of those mild breezes.

The only hazards we encounter are enormous ships that constantly deliver goods to our ports. The Hanjin Shipping Lines is a large Korean container company -- the seventh largest in the world -- and the huge ships match their stature.  That protruding bulbed bow smooths the wave action flowing around the hull by reduced drag, added stability, and increased fuel efficiency when the ship is at sea.  Good idea, but we certainly don't want to get bumped by that nose!

Hanjin Container Ship

AuthorRich Monroe