TEMPERATURES HAVE DIPPED below freezing so we've prepared our garden against the damaging frost.  By increasing watering, adding protective cover, and stringing incandescent (not LED) lights, we could minimize the damage to threatened plants.

So this year our annual holiday lighting effort begins with the citrus plants.

Why watering and lighting?  The added hydration protects the plant cells from damaging expansion while holiday lights keep the adjacent air warm enough to avoid freezing temperatures.

Jack Frost still invades the remaining crops leaving his mark on the unprotected leaves and flowers. The result is a lovely silvery blanket throughout our garden. White ice crystals become deposited on the exposed plants since the leaves are colder than surrounding air and water is drawn from the moist atmosphere. 

Granted, it's not a snow storm but this is as close as we get to a winter landscape! 

Guess what else became "frozen" last night?  The garage door lock seized up, and on investigation I found a broken part inside - brittle shiny spindle.  A trip to Home Depot in the morning successfully produced a replacement for the metal part.  

Sometimes Jack Frost can be a real prankster!

AuthorRich Monroe