BIXBY PARK isn't far from home but we've not visited the park due to the continuous construction that's be going on for years.  But now and again we take a detour during local walks to visit Bixby park to see what's going on... and it's getting more interesting by the day.

The park site was once a garbage dump that's slowly being reconfigured to give visitors sweeping views of the bay.  Beneath that freshly deposited topsoil lies (literally) tons of discarded items from the local community deposited over the years -- from diapers and yard waste to broken bicycles, discarded scraps and furniture.  Here lies a well-preserved archaeological deposit for some future scientist to unearth and study.

But now, we enjoy watching aircraft as they fly low above us when they approach the Palo Alto airport runways located a short distance away.  The aircraft are so low we can read their registration numbers and then Google them later... to learn, for example, that white single engine aircraft N739ZL is a 1978 four-passenger Cessna Skyhawk flying with the Palo Alto Sundance Fying Club, with a top speed of 105 mph.  The power of internet research is pretty cool!

Park trails meander around the newly formed hills, leading us to places where we see how the revitilized marsh is attracting new visitors.  Unfortunately, birds don't wear registration numbers so we must consult our birding guidebook to identify the green-winged teals, northern shovelers, and pintail ducks.

Other migratory birds pause to rest here while hunting for food and shelter in the bay, the sloughs, and grass -- while local "duffers" hunt for lost golf balls at the neighboring golf course.  Everybody's looking for something!  And we discovered a delightful afternoon stroll.


AuthorRich Monroe