Here's an interesting photo I found on the internet.  Not mine, but still "quirky but cute."

I recall hearing that too much turkey causes drowsiness after a holiday meal, so I hunted the web for answers.  Guess what?  The sluggishness actually comes from the alcohol and overeating those yummy carbohydrates, which raises our metabolism and blood flow to our tummies.  It's not from the turkey's amino acid (aka tryptophan).

It happens that many foods contain as much tryptophan as turkey - including eggs, milk, cheese, beef, chicken, pork, and beans.  So logic would dictate that a ham and cheese sandwich should produce the same lethargic effect - but it doesn't!

Actually, too much turkey is just "stuffing" ourselves so we naturally want to sleep it off.

So have a happy Thanksgiving, enjoy the meal with friends and family, and be thankful for your blessings - but watch those portions... Zzzzzzzzz.

AuthorRich Monroe