It's great to enjoy the fall colors in our neighborhood, as they brighten the landscape and make chilly mornings more bearable.  But soon we turn to resent them as the leaves lose their vibrance, drop to the ground -- demanding extra work and hassle to dispose of them before the rains come. 

But there's good news.  We've learned to forget raking, blowing, and bagging leaves for the trash man.  Instead, we can collect and mulch the discarded leaves, needles, and petals back into our garden, and add them to compost piles where earthworms will complete the task.  It saves work, improves the soil, and returns prescious nutrients for next year.

Did you know that by removing the grass catcher from your mower you can chop up the leaves on the lawn?  Once the leaf bits settle in, microbes and worms will get to work recycling them over the winter season.  

Mother Nature delivers this garden gold in great quantities during the fall, but we need it during the growing season too.  So I collect the abundant material and store it in a backyard "leaf corral" where it will become converted into endless loads of dark rich compost for the spring planting.  Sustainable recycling is inexpensive, efficient, and makes sense!

AuthorRich Monroe