THE MORNING CHILL suggests a seasonal change is in the air.  The onset of autumn marks the end of tomato and zucchini salads replaced by the promise of pumpkin pies.

September 22nd, the autumnal equinox, marks the end of daylight dominance as the evenings become increasingly longer and darker.  The crisp air enhances the daylight and makes for high contrast photos -- bright light and deep shadows.

Prickly pear cactus

Autumn has become associated with a melancholy mood;  the freedom of summer is gone, chased by the chill of the approaching winter.  Rich blue skies will soon become greyer, the rains will come, and our daily focus will turn inward -- both physically and mentally.  And yet there's still beauty out there as our blooming cactus will testify.  We look for signs of rest and regenration in nature as we switch gears in our daily routine.

New leaf, New life

But cheer up!  The kids are back in school, Halloween is just around the corner, and holiday decorations are beginning to appear in the department stores.  

Can New Year's Day be far away?  

AuthorRich Monroe