Live Oak

While walking the streets of Palo Alto, I often pause to admire the massive oak trees that stand tall in our neighborhood.  They are magnificent specimens!  Often their shape is concealed by the surrounding vegetation, but many giant oaks that can't be ignored for their tremendous height and spread.  They stand like large pillars and are part of the city's canopy that's protected as a natural resource.  Having survived for centuries, one can only imagine the changes they have witnessed in their lifetime.  Some attain heritage status because of size, age, or historical significance. 

Neighborhood Sentinal

The Live Oak is named because it's an evergreen, remaining “alive” through the seasons when other trees become leafless and dormant.  Early Palo Alto was originally an oak-studded savanna with redwood corridors along the streams.  But that has changed over the years as non-native species have been planted.  But we can still appreciate those "old timers" who remain and give our land extra value.

AuthorRich Monroe