While exploring the wild outdoors we occasionally encounter a wild creature that lives there.  These unexpected meetings between us humans and the animals is both startling and exciting.   That's when the "survival instinct" takes over as we both stop in our tracks, assess the situation, and take action.  On the foothill park trails it's not uncommon to come across mule deer (with those large eyes, sensitive nose and mule-like ears to detect danger) grazing for tender vegetation and berries.  We both will pause, regard each other for a short while, and if I'm lucky, I'll get a close-up photo of that special moment.

Over the years artists have been inspired to capture these encounters and give expression to the unique character of these appealing creatures.  Many bronze sculptures can be found that provide a delightful addition to our parks and landscapes.  Around town we see many works such as this sculpture that conveys the special relationship between deer and her fawn, and the eternal vigilance of the mother. 

But other times the sculptures show the mischief causes by some of our wild neighbors.  When they invade our gardens and garbage, it's time to shout "SCRAM!"


AuthorRich Monroe