Dim Sum dishes


When in San Francisco, who can pass up an authentic dim sum lunch in the heart of the city's famous Chinatown district?  Yummy food served right to your table in a lively noisy atmosphere -- that best describes this popular restaurant.  And we were the only non-Asians dining in the restaurant, so you can be certain the food is very authentic with reasonable prices.  Which made that choice even more appealing to Brian and me!  Of course you have to be good with chopsticks since no other utensils were offered. 

Table service

As the servers wheeled food carts past our table, it was challenging for us non-Chinese speakers to select entrees with our poor interpretation.  Fortunately everything looked appetizing -- except the dish of duck's feet. And should you wish to take home some delicious duck, chicken, beef or pork, just ask the cook.  They're famous for delicious take-out meals.

Take out window

AuthorRich Monroe