We usually greet the New Year watching the Rose Parade, college bowl games, and our local fireworks show.  However, these days we don't stay awake until midnight to watch the grand celebration.  Instead we retire early for a good night's sleep -- healthy rest seems to be more important in our old age!  Fortunately, there is a wonderful likeness to those colorful pyrotechnics in the works of Dale Chihuly, a popular Seattle glass sculptor artist, who displays his works around the world.  One exhibition came to the San Francisco's De Young Museum awhile ago, and it was amazing.  Last year Chihuly opened a permanent exhibit hall at the Seattle Center near the Space Needle -- and we plan to visit when we're in town.

In addition to the exhibitions we've seen some of his commissioned art locally ( at Stanford, Mountain View, and Las Vegas) and always marvel at the beauty.  Much like a fireworks show, they're an explosion of color and form -- and a photographer's delight.  The multi-colored columns, globes, dishes and tubes are shown so the vibrant hues and shapes compliment one another like bursting fireworks in the night sky.  For more information on his amazing art visit  www.chihuly.com/

So if we can't stay up for the fireworks, we can still enjoy the beauty. Happy New Year!

AuthorRich Monroe