Quince blossom

The recent stretch of warm sunny weather has encouraged our red quince to bloom, attracting bees that inspect each new bud thoroughly.  It’s encouraging to see so many bees this year because they will transfer pollin that assures successful flower reproduction and later fruit production. 

Bee pollinator

The quince is a close relative to the apple and pear but our dwarf bush isn’t the fruit-bearing kind.  However, their bright colors attract the pollinators that will help other garden plants that will bloom later this season.  Another attractive plant that’s emerging early is the purple colored hyacinth, waking from its long sleep underground to greet the sun.  Both plants are early harbingers of the new growing season and provide a splash of color to the new garden.  We know they will keep the bees interested in returning to our garden from time-to-time when other productive plants will benefit from their visit.

Hyacinth flower
AuthorRich Monroe