Rodin's Adam

The Auguste Rodin Sculpture Garden at Sanford University features a replica of the Gates of Hell, based on Dante's "Inferno" depicting the fall of mankind.  Beside the Gates stand statues of Adam and Eve designed to frame the central sculpture, and each appears as tormented in severe agony.  Rodin was influenced by Michelangelo and these two muscular physiques are similar to Michangelo’s sculptures.  It is interesting that Adam's hand mimics Michangelo’s Creation of Man in the Sistine Chapel, except the downward pointing finger emphasizes the fall from grace. 

Adam's Right hand

The statue of Eve was never finished as Rodin struggled to get Eve's figure correct, and after several attempts Rodin abandoned the work and Eve was never completed.  His failed attempts were later sold and an unfinished copy stands here with her arms crossed and downcast head.  Her threatened protective posture seems to indicate shame and remorse after the fall.

AuthorRich Monroe