A New Year's exercise commitment can become challenging unless you schedule an extra hour for a brisk pre dawn walk.  During these early dawn hours fallen leaves still cover the sidewalks before neighbors have swept them up.  A quiet colorful “rustic” scene lies beneath your feet.  The only companions up at this time are the dog-walkers or hard core runners.  

Winter Lodge

Palo Alto's only skating facility, Winter Lodge, still has its sign glowing in the twilight hours giving it a nostalgic appearance of days gone-by when exercise was a family event and accompanied by relaxing music, graceful movement, and without that high tech stair master equipment.  You could consider it meditation on ice!

The perfect ending to our morning exercise is to stop for a cup of coffee at Peet’s, summoned by that fresh-brewed aroma and warm lighting. Peet’s specialty shop had its beginning in Berkeley, and while not as prevalent as Starbucks, many believe Peet’s beats Starbucks for the best tasting brew around.

Peet's Coffee

AuthorRich Monroe