Rainbow bike

In remembrance of our bicycling adventures, we have this sun-catcher hanging in our kitchen window positioned to catch the early sun's rays.  Its rainbow theme reminds me of the many journeys we enjoyed cycling hundreds of miles from Canada to Mexico -- riding through forests, seaside, deserts, and mountains.  Although those adventures are now a memory (traffic is just too dangerous)  we still enjoy the twinkling glass prisms as they catch the rays and throw patterns across the kitchen.  It really brightens up the place on a sunny day and even brings cheer on a rainy afternoon..

Ceiling light fixture

Other fixtures catch the sun, too, and transform sunlight into an explosion of hues and patterns.  For instance, our dining room lamp is designed to diffuse the electric light, but it also catches and splashes a design when struck by direct light.

The resulting pattern can be very unusual and even rivals the pictures hanging on our walls.  

So next time you’re wandering through the house sipping that first cup of morning coffee, keep an eye out.  You may find an unexpected mural painted on your walls!

Sun splash

AuthorRich Monroe