Foothill Park

As the sun crosses the winter sky on its low trajectory, the strong rays are filtered by an extra layer of atmosphere and casts an amber light that's simply breathtaking -- an orange sunset that lasts all day and paints the landscape in bright colors and deep shadow.  During an afternoon walk at Foothill Park I enjoyed such a scene as a gold-tinted illumination penetrated trees and streaked across meadows, and a little later on my walk, as it washed over the shoreline of Bronda Lake nestled in the park valley.

Bronda Lake shore

It’s magical how the intense light can bring the honey-yellow-red colors to life.  I'm sure there's a scientific explanation involving energized photons and wavelengths, but I was quite content just to enjoy a quiet afternoon in the park enjoying a scene painted by Mother Nature.  It was a symphony of to speak.

AuthorRich Monroe