Cactus Garden

The breaking sunlight on winter mornings can cast dramatic highlights on nature's world.  Recently I visited Stanford’s cactus garden to see what was growing - and glowing - in the morning sunlight.  The spiny cactus plants stood tall among their neighbors guarded by sharp spiny needles that glistened in the morning light, warning us to keep our distance.

Barrel cactus

As I expected, the cactus garden's flower blossoms were limited at this time of year, but those thorny spines took center stage, standing out in the golden light.  The spines are actually a modified plant leaf designed to protect the juicy insides from the desert predators. 

You can’t beat the dawn light for its dramatic effect, though, providing us a fleeting opportunity to enjoy Mother Nature’s world. As the sun gets higher the dramatic contrast will disappear... so we appreciate the scene while we can.

AuthorRich Monroe