Estuary view

Yesterday, Cliff and I spent a chilly morning sailing from the Oakland harbor as part of a winter "shake down" cruise to check out his sailboat.  The marine traffic was light as we joined a few other sailors in the estuary enjoying the crystal clear morning air.  We passed the markers that identify the deep shipping channel, but terminated a full day of sailing since a swift current and diminishing weather conditions were turning against us.  

Navigational buoy

As we headed back, we again passed the navigation buoys equipped with instruments that collect tide, current, and weather data for the NOAA weather service.  From their anchorage there's a magnificent view of San Francisco and the Oakland cargo terminal.  Depending on the weather, the scene can change dramatically and even disappear on foggy days when fog horns and bells will sing a song.

SF ferry boat

Sailing down the channel we passed a bit more traffic, including a huge Cosco container ship arriving at the cargo terminal and a ferry boat leaving for San Ffancisco on its afternoon run to shuttle commuters.  Although the estuary has sufficient room for smaller boats, it can get a bit crowded when the "big boys" come down the channel!  So we stay alert and maintain our course to keep a safe distance from these guys.  Fortunately the sailboat handled perfectly as expected, and our brief shake down cruise had its dramatic moments.  Any day on the water can always be an adventure...

Container ship

AuthorRich Monroe