Airship Eureka

Although you may not have noticed, something's gone missing -- the Zeppelin-type airship that's been merrily cruising up and down the peninsula has ceased operating in our skies.  Citing lack of sponsorship and the economic recession, the world’s largest passenger airship has been grounded.  The announcement came last November as we hardly noticed, being preoccupied with holiday preparations.

Above the Golden Gate

MOFFETT FIELD, Calif., November 14, 2012 – Airship Ventures, operators of the world’s largest passenger airship, the Zeppelin Eureka, announced today that despite history-making successes and a stellar performance and safety record, they will be ceasing operations immediately. Passenger flights began in 2008 in the Bay Area and Long Beach, and expanded to California’s wine country. 

Cockpit view

In addition to passenger flights and advertising, the Eureka flew missions for the government, science and research groups, including airship research and development.  The ship's last public flight was during the Google convention when parachutists jumped to land on San Francisco's Moscone Center while broadcasting their fete with special video glasses.  The company has offer passenger tours and was on my "bucket list" of future trips.  What fun it would be to leisurely fly above the bay with a bird’s eye view!  Here's hoping they return to flying as the economy improves.

Flight photos are courtesy of Airship Ventures, and more information is available at

AuthorRich Monroe