The new year is upon us and soon it will be 2013.  But will it be a Happy New Year or not?  We had hoped the Congress could act to avoid the "fiscal cliff" when taxes will rise, spending will fall, and the economy will dive into a recession of negative growth and rising unemployment.  A very grim forecast!  Congress must reach a compromise but they are so SLOW to act.  It's shameful how they ignore the year-end deadline and prolong the anguish of economic uncertainty.  Now that a deal won't be reached until after January 1st, hopefully any agreement will be retroactive and the negative effects will be minimized.

Let's hope so.  If not, this could be unlucky THIRTEEN.  Do you believe in numerology?  And will you remember when election time rolls around again?

We live our lives responsibly with care and respect for our family, neighbors, and our laws.  We make  decisions that give value to our life and ensure our future.  Shouldn't we expect the same behavior from our government?  Aren't they elected to safeguard our life, liberty, and happiness?  I certainly hope so...

AuthorRich Monroe