For our small family, the holidays are  a chance to become reacquainted.  The youngsters develop the fastest, the personal changes are most revealing when they come face-to-face.  Over the next month we will meet at different venues as the holiday celebrations progress.  But today it’s Thanksgiving, time to be grateful for our blessings.

The kids helped with the meal by preparing a dessert.  Everyone enjoys chocolate so what’s better than a chocolate turkey?  Combine a mini cupcake,  cookie, candy corn, and frosting.  Just pop it on a graham cracker and you’re done!  Each serving is unique, high in sugar and sassy in attitude!

Meanwhile, grandpa Nonno finishes preparation of the main course -- a beautiful turkey that fills the house with that mouth-watering aroma which has us all anticipating the meal ahead.  Sharpen the carving knife and fill the serving dishes.

We gather at the long table to sample the many items of food and drink contributed by everyone.  The happy conversation diminishes somewhat as we all set to the task of consuming the food before us.  It’s a time of happy sharing, delightful memories, and regeneration of our many generations.  The wish for a “Happy Thanksgiving” has come true once again this year.  But remember to save room for dessert!

AuthorRich Monroe