Outside the temperature drops as rain clouds gather, making our usual  walks more challenging.  Now many outings are for a specific purpose such as exercise or shopping errands.  My Nikon camera  stays home and I use my iPhone camera to record and special sights. The best camera is the one that’s with you at the moment.

We venture out only when the sun peeks from behind clouds and our umbrellas can be left behind. The cool air encourages us to choose the sunny side of the street.  Our neighbors mark the season with creative decorations that add a cheery atmosphere, and sunbeams dance on the few colorful leaves that remain clinging to the trees...  

Nowadays our kitchen has undertaken a different look as it becomes a temporary “craft room” for Frances to create her latest tapestries.  However, at mealtime everything disappears so we can enjoy our meals at the kitchen counter instead of the usual patio picnic outdoors.  It's a very efficient use of space -- and no ants!

Our winters are characterized by a wide variety of weather conditions, so we walk when we can and retreat when practical.  The rains will return to flood our marshes and creeks, and wash the streets and sidewalks, so we keep busy indoors with household chores and watch “live” internet cameras that show the latest flood conditions.  It's better than getting out that umbrella again.

AuthorRich Monroe