THE FINAL leg of my journey is along the El Camino Real, the Kings Highway, the early trail connecting California missions when the west was settled by Europeans in the 1700’s. The missions range from simple adobe shelters to grand religious communities fit for a king, and during their time California developed and grew from a barren desert wilderness into a rich bountiful territory ready to claim its place as the 31st state in 1850.

From San Diego to Sonoma, the historic trail connected 22 missions, and was the only road between the few civilized outposts established at the time. The road was a vital link between the missions as the padres maintained it offering hospitality and lodging to travelers moving north and south along its route. Each mission is unique with its own setting of churches, chapels, rooms and stores, gardens, fountains, and bells. For me, traveling this portion of Kings Highway is a welcome and familiar final route back home!


Miles 5940, Week 67, Weather 72°F☀️

AuthorRich Monroe